After the Australian Open, all eyes now shift to the French Open Tennis. It is shall surely live to be a great event as many fans have predicted. The event shall begin as from 23rd May and wrap up on 8th June this year. If you are going to attend the event, here things you should do so that when that day comes you will be well prepared.

Prepare early

If you have always had the dream of attending the French Open then you have to prepare early enough. It is not a thing you can wake up one morning and decide you are attending unless you have a lot of money to spare. You should do a research on the best places you can possibly stay so that you know the cost per night. The earlier you book a hotel, the cheaper it is. Booking a hotel at the eve of the tournament is extremely costly. Alternatively, you can look for a hotel that is a little far from the center of action as you can always travel to the venue.

Buy tickets in advance

The tickets are available for sale two months before the tournament kicks off. You should avoid last minute rush for tickets as you may miss out completely or miss the major highlights of the tournament like the finals. The earlier you buy the ticket, the better. You will also avoid buying tickets from brokers who always hike the prices of tickets and it may even cost you ten times more.

Get acquainted with the venue

You should get yourself acquainted with the places where the tournament will be held. The better you know, the lesser the chances you will get lost. You should know the subways to take when going back to your hotel.

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