Getting the Most From the French Open 2015

For sports lovers and those into betting, there is no time of year more exciting than tennis seasons. The next event is the ever popular French Open. Due to take place on May 24th, it promises thrills, breathtaking games and a constant delivery of stunning performances from some of the worlds best loved players. For those who really want to take a bite out of the action, place a bet on tennis at Bovada and you will get a 50% welcome bonus. Record breaking female player Serena Williams is returning after winning her 19th grand slam title. Fans will be waiting to see can she claim number 20.

In regards to Tennis Odds: French Open Tennis, she currently remains 5/2 to win the whole tournament, this is a safe bet for beginners. Her closest rival is Russian beauty Maria Sharapova. The two came very close in the Australian open final with a nail biting climax. Fans will be hoping for a repeat performance, current odds have Sharapova in second place to win the title. They are then followed by Simona Halep at 9/2 and Eugenie Bouchard 7/1. Betting fans should keep an eye on the statistics which might change as it gets closer to the date.

Of course like any good sporting tournament it could be any players game. It all depends on their current fitness level and how they approach their game on the day. In terms of the male players, the top two favorites are Spanish record breaker Rafael Nadal who has odds of 11/8. Then former champion Roger Federer who last won this title in 2009 and finished as a runner up in 2011. He will no doubt return in top form ready to take back his crown. Fans can expect some amazing battles so book tickets as soon as possible. As for those into betting, keep a close eye on statistics.

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Top Bet Reviews

Top bet is one of the leading sites that offers US customers a way to bet online. Many sites are not accepting US player since Black Friday and that is the reason why many of the big sites won’t accept US customers. We know that a lot of US customers love betting and sometimes online is just better than going to a sport house to place a bet. is the man here and you won’t have an issue if you are from the US since they have a sign on their site that says “US Players Welcome”

Payment options: offers all major credit cards, bank wires and neteller, it also offers Western Union as an option but this last one isn’t free since you will need to pay extra fees for the deposit. We would recommend you to setup an Account with Neteller if you are looking to get much more value for your money.


Payouts options:

You can request money from Topbet through Neteller, Bank wire or just to your own credit card.

Topbet offers the big professional American sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. They also offer different type of college sports such as Football and basketball.

Bonus and Promotions:

The site offers a lot of promotions if you are a new customer. Almost 50% of your first deposit and a lot of Promotions coming every month. You can also try referring a friend to the site and you will get a 20% of his initial deposit. Another good way to build a bankroll is playing year-round contest to get reward points.


Topbet is one of the best options when it comes to betting online. Their support is really good, not the best one to be honest. They have a big team for payments so you will never have an issue with your deposit or even getting the money out of the site. We recommend you to give it a try and test if you like their platform. We tried it for a bit and we have to give it a 8.4 out of 10.

Overall Rating: 

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Gt Bets Reviews

GT Bets it’s a betting company which has their main HQ in Curacao. Their main goal is to reach the American market and give them what they need to have the information available to make the best decisions when it comes to sports. They offer their service to US customers and also Canadians. We need to say that their support is really good and they have a full 24×7 staff ready to help you with anything you need. Well to be honest it’s not 24×7 but they have it from 9AM up to 4AM in the morning EST time throughout all the week. They offer LiveChat and email and also phone.

Deposit methods:

For deposits GT offers you solutions such as Credit card, Visa, Matercard, Amex, Diners and many others options depending on your country. If you need to find out a special type of payment method you can always contact their team as they will be available for you at any time. The deposit time is quick and easy.


Payout Methods:

For payouts you can get a bank wire to your account of cashier, they also offer credit card payment to the same card you used to deposit in the first time. This is very handy sometimes.


GT Bet offers a 100% bonus up to $250 so that means that if you deposit your first time $250 you will be getting an extra $250 to use on the site, always remember that the bonus needs to be played before you can cash out it. This is for security.


We recommend this site if you need an US players accepted site since you get a 100% bonus and a great support. You also have a wide variety of sports you can bet on. They have high security standards to make sure your money is secure.

Overall Rating : 

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Bovada SportsBook Review by our Team

Bovada is a well-known company in the industry, with more than 20 years on the market it has a lot to offer. You may also know the name Bodog which is the sister site that is operated by the same company that operated Bovada right now.

Bovada is only available of US customers at this moment and to open an account there you will need to have a proof of address to let the site verify that you reside in US territory.

 Do they pay?

Yes they do pay and in time. This is something almost all big sites and rooms do now a days since getting a bad reputation online is as easy as doing a Google search, there is not more place for the old days where people didn’t get pay by their sport betting houses.

They offer different payment solutions such as Western Union or Check every month. If you have any issues with them you can just send them an email or call them toll free at no extra cost.


How to deposit at Bovada USA?

Bovada offers different type of deposit methods for US customers, this includes, Money Gram, Credit Card, Bank Wire and also Western Union. The bad thing about Bovada is that they charge a fee for each deposit you make through credit card and also if the deposit you are trying to make through WU or MG is less than $300

How to take the money you win from Bovada USA?

The most chosen option for US customers is Check since getting the money from it it’s just an easy as going to the bank. Other international options can have withdrawal options such as Neteller or Skrill but in this case Bovada is only available for the US so they want to keep the payment methods to their clients as straightforward as possible

Do we recommend it?

Yes, we do recommend Bovada to all US customers who are looking to bet on sports and also play poker. We have more information about other sites on our betting section.

Overall Rating : 

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Bet Online Review

BetOnline is a sport site founded in 2004. They first started by being out of the radar. They had a massive marketing campaign during 2011 and that made then have a name on this industry. Before the Bet online the site was called Best Line Sports back in 2001 when they had their HQ in Costa Rica.

BetOnline is one of the leadings and fastest growing US sport books sites. It has an excellent customer support and great ways to deposit and withdrawal money.


Bonus and More

BetOnline offers a bonus of 50% up to $2500 for first time depositor or new accounts. This is very helpful if you are trying to make a bankroll from scratch.

Loyalty Club:

The sportsbook site offers a VIP Club based on your activity, so depending on your activity the deal you will get will be different.

Deposit Methods:

BetOnline offers different type of deposits options such as Neteller, Skrill, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Bank Wire and many other cards. Just amazing if you want to have fun instantly.

What about Payouts?

For Payouts you have almost the same options than the deposit ones, you have Neteller, Skrill, Cheque and Bank Transfer. If you need help with this you can always contact their Support team who is available 24×7 for you.

Is depositing safe?

Yes, it is since all the financial information is secured by their SSL layer which ensures all you are submitting will not go to the wrong hands. We understand this is a matter of importance on this subject so they also make sure their clients are not going to have issues with this type of hacking.

Do you recommend BetOnline?

Yes, we do recommend BetOnline for new bettors since it has good bonuses and also fast payouts which can be a pain on some other sites. We know sites that take more than 5 days to pay and that can be bad if you need the money with urgency.

Overall Rating : 

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Bet365 Sports Reviews

Bet365 is one of the best bookmarkers in the industry, their marketing is huge and you can find them on the top sports channels such as ESPN for example. They have their HQ based in the UK and there one of the most important private companies within the UK. The gaming is licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling commission based in Gibraltar, UK.

We think that Bet365 has one of the best customer support available featuring Livechat and Email 24×7 for their customers, so if you need help you will always find someone to help you out solve your issue. They also have Phone calls available and the best thing is that they offer their support in a lot of languages such as: English, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese and many others.


What are their Payment options?

They have a system where you can choose your currency when you signup, if you want to choose USD and you can’t you just need to email support once you open your account with Bet365.

Their deposit methods are Neteller, Credit Card, Skrill, UKash, Paysafecard, Entropay, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque and some other ones that are not that important as the ones we mentioned.  We need to mention that there is no waiting time for a deposit and you will get your funds instantly if the operation has success and your card has funds to cover the deposit.

To cashout it’s the same, you need to do the KYC verification to get the money out of the site but the payment methods are much the same than the deposit methods so you will be able to get your money through Neteller, Skrill just to name some of them.

Betting System

Bet 365 offers a lot of sports where you can bet, they also offer live betting and you can see all the information of the match on a screen and you can also place bets at the same time. Values will increase and decrease depending on the time of the match or event. Pretty interesting.


You have a lot of promotions available if you are going to bet on American sports for example such as 50% bonus for the bet.


We think Bet365 Is the leading sports book in the industry and it has the best deals, limits, support and security you need to place your bets. If you are a US based customer you will probably need another option but if you are in Europe you would need to find Bet365 as one of the best options. Just to resume this conclusion we can’t find anything wrong on their service.

Overall Rating

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Advantages of using an Expert Pick for your Bet

What is exactly an ‘Expert Pick’?

So you may be asking yourself what is the famous Expert Pick that everyone is talking about. To resume you the pick is just an expert pick made by people who have a big knowledge on the sport you are betting.

What is the advantage of using an Expert Pick instead of figuring it out yourself?

Well, in first place the expert picks are from people who worked for several years on the sport you want to bet on. They have a lot experience in the field and have a prediction power which is much higher than the average person. This type of pickers are usually journalist, ex player or people who love the sport and do blogging for example.


Why choose College Basketball Expert Picks for your bet?

This is obvious, to avoid losing money. You will win less money probably since you won’t be risking to the less favorite team, but in the long term you can be a winner. You could also try betting large sums of money for teams that pay just a bit more for the win and keep the difference which is probably some cents for each dollar you bet, but in a large scale this can be good money but a lot of risk too.

Where to bet?

We have a lot of sites where you can place your sports bet and we also have a list of sites where you can check the best college basketball expert picks to make your betting life easier and more successful. You can start at any site depending on your region since we have sites that are only available for US player and other ones that are available for European and other countries bettors, the site you choose must be trustworthy and good since you will be giving them money to place your bets.

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Managing College Basketball Predictions

Being a predictor when it comes to sports betting isn’t easy. Becoming an expert on the sports subject isn’t easy task either because you need to know each result and you would need to keep track of every other team to make sure you know what you are going to be betting. Now a days this is much easier than in the old days where online sites didn’t even exist. You would need to check the sports book to make sure you are doing the correct bet, now it’s all about checking the net to find good statistic sites.

Why predict?

Sports betting is about predicting different type of things that are going to happen within a sports match. For example in soccer you can choose who is going to score or who is going to be injured for example.


Prediction isn’t easy and more when it comes to College Basketball Predictions, but you can become more and more accurate with practice and reading about a sport. Just to clarify that this is not just about reading, you need to take into factor the last results the team had such as consecutive wins or loses.

What can I use to become better at predicting results?

The expert picks are the best type of prediction you can find, the best site to get this results is Expert Picks and you will find a lot of different point of views from experts, this will help you win more money in the long term and avoid losing money you don’t have to lose.

The College Basketball Predictions take time to learn but in the meantime you can use different sites and do what experts do, if you become an expert, follow your instinct.


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How to Master College Basketball Picks

Betting online is becoming a hobby for many people and also a type of work were people can make a living from this type of bets. This type of betting style is much different than the actual casino bets where all you have to do have is luck. Sports betting is the art to understand and analyze different time to time statistics to make sure your bet is going to win in more of one match. You have many type of betting options on many different sites and you don’t need to know who is going to be the winner but you can choose for example, who is going to be winning after the X amount of time.

How to Pick the Best Team and Win Money

If you are doing this as a hobby to support your team this is not going to be what you want to read since this is orientated for people who want to win money. We know that sometimes we think our team can have chances versus a bigger team, but remember in this game we play for the money and we want to make sure we are betting on the favorite team to avoid losing extra money.


Using sites to find out the best College Basketball Picks

If you don’t have your own information to find out which is going to be the best pick available, you can use several sites such as CBS Sports which is a very reputable site that has more than a 70% of success with College Basketball Picks.

Other site you can use is Picks and Parlays which has very accurate information about different type of games. Make sure you use this at your own responsibility since we can’t be sure all results they predict are 100% accurate.

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