Being a predictor when it comes to sports betting isn’t easy. Becoming an expert on the sports subject isn’t easy task either because you need to know each result and you would need to keep track of every other team to make sure you know what you are going to be betting.

Now a days this is much easier than in the old days where online sites didn’t even exist. You would need to check the sports book to make sure you are doing the correct bet, now it’s all about checking the net to find good statistic sites.

Why Predict?

Sports betting is about predicting different type of things that are going to happen within a sports match. For example in soccer you can choose who is going to score or who is going to be injured for example.


Prediction isn’t easy and more when it comes to College Basketball Predictions, but you can become more and more accurate with practice and reading about a sport.

Just to clarify that this is not just about reading, you need to take into factor the last results the team had such as consecutive wins or loses.

What can I use to become better at predicting results?

The expert picks are the best type of prediction you can find, the best site to get this results is Expert Picks and you will find a lot of different point of views from experts, this will help you win more money in the long term and avoid losing money you don’t have to lose.

The College Basketball Predictions take time to learn but in the meantime you can use different sites and do what experts do, if you become an expert, follow your instinct.