What is most important right now to the Texas Longhorns is the game with the Baylor Bears. This follows Texas’ four loses in their last four matches.

The clash of the two teams will take place on March 2nd , 2015 at 7:00PM ET, which will be on ESPNU.

Nevertheless, the Ratings Percentages Index, RPI of the Texas Longhorns is still in the best 50, with them being at number 47.

With this, they are possible of getting back to participate in the NCAA tournament, 2015. But can they make it?

Texas will basically be playing its 3rd game, which have been played within eight days.

Their opponents, the Baylor Bears, will be looking to make it to the major tournament.

They are also seeking for better scores in the conference tournament.

Baylor vs Texas

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In comparison to the Longhorns, the Bears are not the best when it comes to shooting. Nevertheless, they have a great record of shooting from the three-point line, rated at more than 50%. This has been recorded in three consecutive games.

The Texas Longhorn had a great shooting percentage against Kansas in West Virginia. They had a total shooting rate of 53%, against Kansas, who had a shooting rate of 36%.

Despite their great shooting percentage, they still lost to Kansas.

When the two teams met first, the Baylor Bears won 83-60, which was such a great display. In addition, they have won four of their last games, which is the major comparison with the Longhorns.

Even though the Longhorns have not won in their last 4 games, they have won a number of vital matches in the entire season.

With the Baylor Bears, they have spent the entire season below the line in the Big 12, though they had a vital win when they beat the Iowa State Cyclone in January, at home.

Among their four wins, the Bears have won three games against big teams, giving them a winning inspiration.

Other than them winning, the Bears have fought themselves back to the battle for the Big 12 title of the regular season. With their winning consistency, they are among the favorite to finish the conference tournament’s top three.

Compared to the last meeting between the two, the current Texas Longhorn is better.

This means that they would perform better than the previous meeting. However, in relation to their current performance, they need to do something about their game.

The Bears and the Longhorns are fighting it out, but the final score will determine who is the best.

The Longhorns might be determined to break their losing propensity, but the Baylor Bears have got this. They have an amazing defense, compared to the Longhorns.

This is one of the things that will humiliate the weak offense of the Texas Longhorn.

The Baylor Bears are super active in the pitch and with this game, your free picks can be in favor of the Bears.

Prediction :

The Bears will most definitely give the Longhorns a tough time in the defense line, and they will attack vigorously, mostly with more three-pointers. The game will in favor of the Baylor, who will win 68-62.