What is exactly an ‘Expert Pick’?

So you may be asking yourself what is the famous Expert Pick that everyone is talking about. To resume you the pick is just an expert pick made by people who have a big knowledge on the sport you are betting.

What is the advantage of using an Expert Pick instead of figuring it out yourself?

Well, in first place the expert picks are from people who worked for several years on the sport you want to bet on. They have a lot experience in the field and have a prediction power which is much higher than the average person. This type of pickers are usually journalist, ex player or people who love the sport and do blogging for example.


Why choose College Basketball Expert Picks for your bet?

This is obvious, to avoid losing money. You will win less money probably since you won’t be risking to the less favorite team, but in the long term you can be a winner. You could also try betting large sums of money for teams that pay just a bit more for the win and keep the difference which is probably some cents for each dollar you bet, but in a large scale this can be good money but a lot of risk too.

Where to bet?

We have a lot of sites where you can place your sports bet and we also have a list of sites where you can check the best college basketball expert picks to make your betting life easier and more successful.

You can start at any site depending on your region since we have sites that are only available for US player and other ones that are available for European and other countries bettors, the site you choose must be trustworthy and good since you will be giving them money to place your bets.